DeeperDating Mentors Disclaimer

None of the practitioners in this listing have been evaluated or assessed for skill or training levels. Some might be certified psychotherapists and coaches; other are not. Please use your own best judgement to decide who is the best match for you! Ken Page, LCSW and/or Deeper Dating ® Inc are not responsible for any inaccurate, out-of-date, or missing information within individual practitioner profiles. We do not investigate the education or credentials of these Mentors; we do not rate or rank or evaluate skills for any of these Deeper Dating Mentors ™; and we are not able to advise you about any particular Mentor’s expertise or scope of practice. We reserve the right to remove a practitioner from this listing for any reason. This listing is for personal use and may not be used for commercial purposes. I have read and understood this disclaimer, and I accept its stipulations. I do not and will not hold Ken Page, LCSW and/or Deeper Dating ® Inc. responsible for the background, education, licensure, scope of practice, or clinical expertise of any Deeper Dating Mentor ™ I may contact as a result of using this database. Should I experience an unsatisfactory outcome of care with anyone named in this listing, I will not hold Ken Page, LCSW or Deeper Dating ® Inc responsible for that outcome.